Our Firm's Leadership

Donahue Creates Risk Management and Crisis Comm. Firm.

After growing through the ranks to become Lee Enterprises' youngest Director of Digital Media, CJ Donahue launched his risk consultancy in August 2009 focusing on technology brands. In the following years, Donahue's strong business fundamentals helped his consultancy grow dramatically during the greatest recession since the Great Depression.

A variety of crisis situations have been handled by Donahue's consultancy, including violent workplace incidents, active shooters at schools and workplaces, product defects, recalls, accidental deaths, and more. Donahue's consultancy simultaneously has built some of the most successful brands, from liquor to fashion and technology. Focused on crisis management and risk mitigation, Donahue has lent his expertise to some of the world's leading brands.

Donahue has managed risk for both sides of the trial bar. His specialty includes the arena of bad faith litigation. In Donahue's view, an increasing number of policyholders are quick to advance claims for breach of the good faith and fair dealing covenant and statutory bad faith, to leverage their theories of liability against insurers.

This area of his practice allows him to focus on bad conduct by insurers as well as policyholders and overzealous plaintiff attorneys.


Educated in psychology from Dickinson State University and the University of Hawaii Manoa, along with a minor in political science and an undergraduate concentration in mass communication, it is no surprise that he has a classic understanding of people, perception, and behavior.